Often I have seen people struggling with drafting proposals, so I have gone ahead and laid some points which one can keep in one's mind while dealing with this task 

This is the 4th part of the series

Proposed Solution 
  • Description of how your service is different
  • Specialized support services
  • Overall benefits of the proposal plan
  • Reference related studies
  • Quote individuals who are prominent in the field
  • Provide Statistics
  • Identify steps taken for primary research
  • Provide activities in the study
  • Describe the questionnaire development
Goals Objectives Benefits and Outcomes
  • The Goals of your proposal
  • Your understanding of the organization and its problems
  • What needs will be met
  • How will they be measured
  • How much money will be saved
  • What non-tangibles will be impacted
  • Benefits the clients will achieve
  • Direct Benefits
  • Indirect Benefits
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