Field Enablement sometimes involves working closely with the PMO for measuring project efficiency thus making it necessary for the PMO to establish their own metrics to show the PMO’s contribution to the success of the company. Typical ROI metrics that the PMO use include:
  • Percent of projects using/following the system/framework
  • Ratio of project manager to total project staff
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Year-over-year throughput
  • Percent of projects at risk or in trouble
  • Number of projects per headcount (staffing tolerance for projects)
  • Ways to improve faster closure
  • Percent of scope changes per project
  • Percentage of projects completed on time
  • Percentage of projects completed within budget
It is important to understand that metrics management is an essential component of knowledge management and involvement by the PMO is essential. It is very difficult to improve processes and work flow without gathering metrics and storing the results for traceability.
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