My two favorite decision support sayings are
1. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” 
2. “Information without action is useless.”
Field Enablement sometimes involves working closely with the PMO for measuring project efficiency thus making it necessary for the PMO to establish their own metrics to show the PMO’s contribution to the success of the company. Typical ROI metrics that the PMO use include:
Getting back to Field Effectiveness, nowadays companies maintain metric and KPI libraries the same way that they maintain libraries for best practices and lessons learned. The key is to use a methodology or framework.Firstly identifying the clients and stakeholders, we then input the requirements,business case, and accompanying assumptions.The methodology then guides us through the different process groups of initiation ,planning ,execution ,monitoring and controlling ,and closure .The methodology also provides us with guidance in the identification of metrics, KPIs and dashboard reporting techniques for a particular client.
Before starting a project I usually try to take a mental note of the causes of failure in a project, some of them are issues that could persist throughout the duration of the contract. So I have compiled a generic list of common causes of failure that I have encountered that I keep my eye out for !, They are :
Often I hear Business Development Managers cribbing about Proposal development which can be quite a headache and prospective clients giving them a hard time, so I have gone ahead and placed some important pints on a list to help you differentiate you from your competitor by mentioning :