Business value is a critical component that needs to be projected effectively, in order to do that I have gone ahead and compiled a list of areas where they can be explored, Although some of them can be a little tricky to quantify, but then this is something that needs to be discussed with your marketing / Solutions/ Finance/ Leadership  teams to see if they have any data to support the claims.

1.    Corporate
  • Results oriented  company
  • Brand Differential
  • Innovative Products
  • Error free products
  • Ease of Doing Business
 2.    Marketing
  • Brand Differentiation
  • Product Solutions
  • Strong Distributor’s
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Exceptional Service
3.    Operations
  • Agile Capacity
  • Low cost Products
  • Error free Products
  • Supply Chain
  • Ease of Doing Business
4.    Information Systems
  • E-Commerce Capability
  • Project Management
  • Service and Reliability
  • Supply Chain
  • Flexible Systems
5.    Human Resources
  • Results oriented  company
  • Leadership Depth
  • Personal Growth
  • HR Expertise
  • People Capacity
6.    Finance
  • Streamlined Finance
  • Fiscal Insight
  • Analytic Capability
  • Financial Information
  • Cost Management
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