Although this is something that appears to quite a basic accepted practice across all software & service companies, but I am just mentioning this since I found out that a ot of Sales reps are not aware of this so let's get that cleared !

The way we see it, there are three categories or levels of demos (or "software experiences" that go by the name of demo):

Stage 1: The overview : This is the stage where you educate the prospect by providing him with information about what your company does and and what your software or service solves. The delivery mechanism usually involves power-point presentation and videos. Here your prospects don't actually operate the software — they just watch it !!

Stage 2: The Details : This stage involves in showing your prospect detailed functionality of your software. This is sometimes unguided (e.g., you let the user download a sample or presentation), and this is sometimes carefully scripted and managed (e.g., an in-person or Web-based step-by-step walk-through of your product).

Stage 3: The Trial Version (Optional) : Now some companies may offer this sort, where a sample version is released or a standardized version is released to the prospect so that they might experience, The client usually pays for the consulting and installation, However you may want to forgo the license fees in anticipation of a larger roll-out. Usually this is the the stage where your company plays the coach 

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