Before any sale, we should ensure that steps should be taken to secure the best value in any deal. This is a vital element before contemplating any transaction. We usually tend to use very basic due diligence models which allow us to assess the potential clients in terms of their financial health and how they may contribute towards our growth
Usually while designing a Due Diligence scorecard we take into account the following factors 


1. Financial Performance
2. Brand Value
3. Business Conditions
4. Prospects for the Future
5. Client Organization
6. Competitive Environment
7. Quality of Assets
8. Structure of purchase transaction
9. Other Critical Risks

These 9 factors can be subdivided into many more factors which can be assigned specific weight-ages which would contribute to the final rating that can be assigned to the client

All this is based upon financial & Legal documentation, Insurance Policies,Research, Press Releases, Intellectual properties & Strategic Agreements

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