Often I have seen people feel overtly cocky about the SOAR meet and then get shot down in a couple of seconds, so in order to prevent the sort of disasters that SOAR meets can be, I have laid down some important points which can be followed to ensure your proposal has a fighting chance to succeed
  • Analyze thoroughly the Approval process
  • Try to engage people before for a informal talk to gauge the mood and also form alliances
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare & prepare - The single most important thing to consider
  • Position it for your audience to help them convince them of their benefits
  • Keep it simple
  • Answer questions with confidence
  • Meet with important stakeholders in advance of needing their formal approval
  • Position your idea in terms of the benefits your audience stands to gain
  • Answer questions concisely and confidently
  • Assume that your audience will believe it’s a good idea just because you do
  • Overwhelm your audience with detailed analysis or specifics
  • Get defensive or angry when people challenge your idea

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