As real life modelling is usually not linear and tends to be highly interactive, I have often tried to detail the activities involved in a modelling process, some of them are explained as follows :

1. Establishing the purpose, scope and focus- What part of reality will be described (Mine usually consists of three categories - conservative,normal, optimistic
- What aspects will be described - (probably the features of the product)
- What level of detail will be available - (Very important aspect as a lot of detail tends to confuse people...;-))
2.Selecting one or more viewpoints
3.Creating and structuring the model
- Enterprise architecture to be used/not used ?
- Can you elicit and add additional info if you need
- Based upon the available information  you then engineer a model
- Or you can create a model via a visual representation
4. Visualizing/Using/Testing the model- Validation.Obtaining Commitment (The hardest part, so be ready to fight it out !)
- Informing the other stakeholders
5. Maintaining the model

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