Sales Leaders are usually under a lot of pressure to justify their marketing expenditures. Knowing that a campaign generated a certain number of leads is interesting but it doesn't help justify the marketing campaign expense therefore I have noticed that knowing a Campaign ROI makes a difference as it helps him understand if the Campaign is giving results or not!!. Usually first you have to identify the key success criteria that you want to focus on, for eg :

1. Total revenue,
2. Upsell revenue,
3. Percentage increase in revenue / percentage of new customers.

Then as you complete your marketing campaigns you'll be able to score the success of each campaign against your predefined success criteria using metrics that involve the following different stages:

•    Marketing deliverable
•    Prospect response
•    Lead capture
•    Lead qualification
•    Lead acceptance
•    Conversion.

Just make sure that you establish a success criterion for each of the steps in your marketing process.

All this while simultaneously calculating your campaigns' performance by return on investment (ROI) and average cost. For each campaign in the report: ROI, which is expressed as a percentage,it is usually calculated as the net gain (Total Value Won Opportunities - Actual Cost) divided by the Actual Cost.

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