Most of the Project Feasibility reports that I have created for the various deals that I have supported have used the following components mentioned below , which have sufficiently covered all aspects of the requirements of the prospective client in one report.

1. Cost of Implementation: Includes total costs all broken down into the fixed. Variable and other components – Operational Costs,  Projected Revenue & Projected Viability i.e. (Surplus  / Deficit)
2. Cost Derivation Method: Includes basic details and  also some extra details like if an escalation is required and what is the % increase required.
3. Value Assessment: Has details of the % of the returns it will give i.e  ROI, Also should have details if the cost & revenue is optimistic/moderate/conservative
4. Job Creation: An important aspect on how many jobs will be created (please remove if performance enhancing software)
5. Demand/Need for Software : Quite an essential component
6. Appropriateness Assessment: Is the project considered appropriate in terms of project type, cost and beneficiary need, as a seller for us it is usually a big “YES”.with all the details. ;-)
7. Sustainability Assessment :  Should include details on sustainability of the project

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