The dashboard design process usually consists of a metric selection, design and implementation steps. Each of these steps involve some basic principles outlined below.

Metric Selection

• Supports stated objectives, strategies and goals
• Can be directly impacted by sales management
• Can be measured in a cost effective and timely fashion
• Reflects one of the four key dimensions of sales performance (readiness, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness)
• Enables performance benchmarking with industry competitors and best-in-class companies

Dashboard Design Principles

• Reflects senior management priorities
• Balances internal and external metrics
• Includes measures of past performance and indicators of future performance
• Minimizes the number of metrics in order to facilitate management interpretation

The actual design process is outlined below along with the detailed steps involved:

Metric Selection
• Identify existing and potential metrics by corporate performance perspective (interview process)
• Categorize metrics into four dimensions of sales performance (efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and readiness) and eliminate unclassifiable metrics
• Create preliminary scorecard matrix that combines business perspectives with sales performance dimensions
• Review scorecard matrix for completeness and add metrics based on experience

Dashboard Design
• Eliminate metrics that cannot be measured or are too costly to measure
• Eliminate metrics that cannot be significantly impacted by sales management
• Prioritize metrics based on alignment with stated strategy and goals
• Select top metric per cell in scorecard matrix based on alternative approaches
• Evaluate alternative scorecards and select most appropriate metrics


• Assign metric accountability
• Determine performance targets
• Obtain available benchmark data
• Determine monitoring, interpretation and feedback procedures and guidelines
• Develop corrective action review process

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