Field effectiveness can be enhanced by focusing on automating certain tasks which in most cases I have found to be a drain on salesperson’s resources. I have seen that time spent on these activities often take up valuable time leading to salespeople getting frustrated, such tools would increase selling productivity and, at the same time, lower selling costs. 

Sales Leaders are usually under a lot of pressure to justify their marketing expenditures. Knowing that a campaign generated a certain number of leads is interesting but it doesn't help justify the marketing campaign expense therefore I have noticed that knowing a Campaign ROI makes a difference as it helps him understand if the Campaign is giving results or not!!. Usually first you have to identify the key success criteria that you want to focus on, for eg :

Most of the Project Feasibility reports that I have created for the various deals that I have supported have used the following components mentioned below , which have sufficiently covered all aspects of the requirements of the prospective client in one report.

Just like the design process the modeling is also based upon the goals the company wants to achieve. For eg : What is the payout under various situations: below budget, at budget and above budget? ,Is the plan capped or uncapped?, Does the commission rate increase after the company reaches various performance levels?

As a Business Analyst one of my tasks was to support & design the Incentive plan for the Sales /Client management population I was advised to keep the following checklist in mind while providing support to the design project. This check list can also help identify issues and problems with the existing sales compensation plan.
I have found that most of the design process revolves around some specific goals like increasing revenue, increase retention, increase in market share etc. etc.. , so the design process usually are based upon the goals and the targets that the leadership want to achieve.

As a Consultant I have often found it easier to help a client when I understand their Sales/Solution Delivery process better, to do this I usually start off with a process map which helps me in analyzing my clients strengths and weaknesses so that I may be able to project them in manner that would be beneficial for them. I have mentioned some principles that help me guide through the process.

I should begin by advising that many companies usually have different takes on how do the measure or analyze their budgeting and forecasting, and in my usual vein I start of with my usual advice on the fact that they typically need both a budget and a forecast to manage your company.  They all have different purposes.  In the budgeting process, many executives focus almost exclusively on the income statement.  Usually Revenues are the primary concern, as if increased revenues will solve all the issues so Management decisions that affect the balance sheet accounts can have a greater impact on the company than revenue increases.
As an Field Effectiveness Analyst I have often been asked to keep track of certain factors that might affect the sales, usually the list is endless, but I have managed to narrow it down to some of the most obvious basic reasons

Often I have had salespeople pestering me to project Productivity, costs & Revenue on the presentation, as a result I have identified some key points which help me identify & project the benefits in the product / solution.

The dashboard design process usually consists of a metric selection, design and implementation steps. Each of these steps involve some basic principles outlined below.

Often knowing which questions to ask from a prospect and what specific answers to look out for is the key to qualifying prospects and getting them to the next stage of the sales cycle As usually it is critical for the Sales folks to ask the right qualifying questions when first talking to prospects. As I have noticed that too often, sales reps are so focused on presenting their sales pitch that they end up doing way too much talking and not nearly enough listening. I have listed some questions I believe are to be best practices for qualifying prospects.

Often I have been asked to choose or recommend KPI's that would portray the performance of a project, I have usually chosen metrics based upon the following characteristics