To increase salesperson competitiveness, we in sales effectiveness teams often use what we call is a sales ranking report which can be produced monthly or weekly and distributed amongst the salespeople to give them an idea where they stand.  As they usually help in controlling the sales pipeline  while simultaneously helping in the auditing process  when tallying the numbers with information provided by the accounts receivables department to analyze the variance in the margins and also motivate the team.

We can also modify the report to portray details of a particular region, sales director, or a particular product using pivot tables

Although as a note of warning I should mention that  I know enough about numbers and presentations to tell you that numbers can be manipulated to deceive. However, that’s not the case with sales ranking reports. A sales ranking report must be an honest assessment of overall sales attainment.

These are the few metrics that we usually include in our reports
  • MTD $ Quota
  • MTD $ Sales Attainment
  • MTD % of Quota
  • MTD $ Forecast
  • MTD % of Forecast
  • YTD % of Quota
  • Salesperson Ranking
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