A Competition Bid Comparison Matrix is a document that would assist you in identifying and keeping track of the bids that are competing with your bid, they are an essential component that would be quite useful when you are able to compare your strengths with your competitor and would provide you with a better documented approach when negotiating with a client.

The following steps are needed to be taken to prepare a Competition Bid Comparison Matrix

a. List & consolidate the key client issues that are actually the pain points which affect a client.
b. In the next column Try to assign weights to the various factors that you have identified as the client issues which affect the clients make sure the sum turns out to be 100%
c. In the following column mention the rating that you would give to the issue concerned (I usually make it out of 10, but that depends upon your decision)
d. Then add an extra column for every competitor.
e. In the last column mention a discriminator to identify if we provide an edge over the client on that issue. 

The following is an example of this Matrix:
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