To increase salesperson competitiveness, we in sales effectiveness teams often use what we call is a sales ranking report which can be produced monthly or weekly and distributed amongst the salespeople to give them an idea where they stand.  As they usually help in controlling the sales pipeline  while simultaneously helping in the auditing process  when tallying the numbers with information provided by the accounts receivables department to analyze the variance in the margins and also motivate the team.

To project data in my reports I have often used the below mentioned techniques to elicit information out of my Point of Contacts (POC), please be advised that the most important thing in this whole exercise is establishing RAPPORT and promoting your own CREDIBILITYwith your POC’s rather than just pumping them for answers.

I have initially faced problems with identifying & explaining the prioritization of requirements for the project, so I have often used the MoSCoW rules which have helped me to analyze and project the requirements for the prospective client

The most common way to forecast sales is using the Time Series Analysis which is actually prepared on the basis of past sales. By utilizing a time series analysis the business leader is able to keep his sales teams more efficient by helping in :

Goal & Target setting is a important and crucial aspect that helps the organization to determine its performance, I have mentioned some critical points that have helped me in deciding or setting goals

(Please be advised that this is as per my experience with  the Software/Services industry components could vary according to product or marketing strategy)

TCO has now become an industry standard for measuring and managing project-related costs over time. It looks beyond a one-year budget cycle. It showcases the  changes as an organization while it finalizes its purchasing contracts, determines feasibility of various components of the project, and adapts to new opportunities (in services or technologies that become available, for example). The “final” TCO therefore evolves as planning and discussions progress.

Sales pipeline analysis usually focuses on the continual tracking and study of sales opportunities from
raw lead to closed sale.This in turn can be effectively utilized by Sales managers to monitor key performance indicators to ensure that the various  marketing activities and efforts are generating the number, quality and flow of leads necessary to meet sales targets and ensure that sales cycles are progressing towards closure.

Sales Performance Analysis provides some valuable insight into expected and actual achievement of the
Sales representatives along with the hierarchy of the sales organization. As this empowers Executives and sales managers to view dashboards summarizing sales representatives quota achievements, detailed reports on sales representatives’ pipelines, and benchmark reports that compare sales representative performance.

We in Sales management have often faced a common problem of tracking and managing “Discount’s”.They are critical contributors to the Cost component in the Financial Statement.,as identification of such components, would lead to effective decision making and improve our understanding of the market, by helping us identify certain trends that help predict and control our pipeline by helping us identify the extent of discounting that needs to be provided to ensure the profitability of the company.

To Metric matrix tool is an effective tool that may be created in order to identify, classify and design an effective sales projection dashboard, this is actually a part of a methodology to bring in a more focused business perspective to bring in a more heuristic approach to understanding sales performance which would help in aligning the business perspective with the sales performance for effective sales measurement.
An easy way to portray the benefits of a product or a service is to explain the Product Benefit  Schematic in front of the  potential client, this schema is essentially a framework which would help relate the corporate objectives & the pain points that are being faced by the client with the benefits that the product would be able to provide,  while simultaneously helping the client in identifying the potential drivers and with a quantified amount of the advantage that the product is expected to provide to the potential client 

A Competition Bid Comparison Matrix is a document that would assist you in identifying and keeping track of the bids that are competing with your bid, they are an essential component that would be quite useful when you are able to compare your strengths with your competitor and would provide you with a better documented approach when negotiating with a client.