A Sales Battlecards usually is based upon a comprehensive, expert analysis of a competitor’s product portfolio, technological capabilities and its announced product roadmap.

To make your battlecard as comprehensive & to the point, I recommend keeping these 7 points in consideration while creating a battlecard :

1. Company Snapshot :  An Overview of competitors’ financials, recent announcements, etc.

2. Organization Profile : Organizational structure, sales organization, key partnerships, etc.

3. Solution Strategy : Insights on how competitors are approaching the market, what their objectives are, and how they plan to achieve them.

4. Product Features and Momentum : A description of the competitor’s products, announced product roadmap, and key technologies.

5. Sales Messages : A description of sales messages and tactics used by the competitors.

6. How to Sell Against Them : Key positioning points when selling into Business and Technical.

7. Point / Counterpoint : Sales ‘attack’ messages that the competitor will likely use against your firm and ‘defend’ messages for sales teams to use to address the issues raised by the competitor.

8. Recommended Tactics :  Overall recommendations for how best to approach situations when selling against competitors to maximize your win rate.

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