You can use a Scope Management Plan Document to create Scope of Work documents to help you to start planning your next project. They define all processes and work required to complete your project, including justification, work products, deliverables, objectives, assumptions, and limitations.


Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Project Sponsors
2 Business Objectives
2.1 Product Description
2.2 Business Objectives
3 Project Description
3.1 Project Scope
3.2 Project Completion Criteria
3.3 Assumptions
3.4 Constraints
3.5 Dependencies
3.6 Deliverables
3.7 Risks
3.8 Integration
3.9 Impact
3.10 Resources
4 Project Milestones
4.1 Estimated Schedules
5 Project Approach
5.1 Primary Plans
5.2 Meetings
5.3 Status Reports
5.4 Issue Management
5.5 Change Management
5.6 Communication Management
5.7 Procurement Management
5.8 Resource Management
5.9 Resource Management Plan
6 Authorizations
7 Project Scope Statement
8 Appendix A – References

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