You can use a Concept Proposal Document to identify the need or opportunity to improve a business function by highlighting where strategic goals are not being met or performance can be improved. The Concept Proposal should demonstrate that this is a worthwhile investment and identify potential impacts on systems, staff, and operations.

Use the Concept Proposal Document to :

  • Persuade stakeholders to invest in the proposed solution
  • Highlight where strategic goals can be realized
  • Justify why this proposal should be endorsed
  • Explain the rationale behind the nominated products/services
  • Show how the proposal aligns with the Strategic Plan

Here's are seven steps to help you build your Concept Proposal.
1. Context – Discuss the business drivers that triggered this document.
2. Investment – Identify the type, timing and source of investment required for this proposal.
3. Impact – Describe the potential impact the proposed solution may have on a technical, operations, and human resource level.
4. Needs – Highlight the appetite that exists for the proposed solution. Identify who requested the solution and what they have to gain from its implementation.
5. Performance – Identify specific areas where performance does not meet expectations.
6. Resources – Identify the sum total number of resources needed for the project, broken out by phase.
7. Strategy – Describe strategic and operational benefits. Show how benefits are linked to key objectives.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Justification
1.3 Benefits
2 Strategic Alignment
2.2 Current Setup
2.3 Performance Measures
3 Investment and Costs
3.1 Description of Investment
3.2 Investment Support
3.3 Cost Estimates
4 Resource Requirements
4.1 Resource Identification
4.2 Resource Loading Chart
5 Impact & Outcomes
5.1 Impacts
5.2 Outcomes

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