You can use a Setup Guide Document ensure that your customers can install their applications successfully and reduce the workload on your Helpdesk and Technical Support Dept.

 You can use this Setup Guide to:

  • Describe different installation types, for example, single user or group installations
  • Identify the minimum system requirements
  • Highlight pre-requisites that must be installed before the installation can start
  • Outline the contents of the Setup packages
  • Provide instructions on how to update, modify and repair an existing application
  • Develop FAQs that help customers find the answer to common queries and reduce the workload on your Technical Support Dept
  • Encourage users to register the product

What is a Setup Guide?

A Setup Guide provides instructions for setting up and installing a range of application, for example, your company’s software applications, or other devices, such as printers, medical equipment, hardware, or mobile solutions.

When do I use a Setup Guide?

You use a Setup Guide after you have developed an application and are now ready to hand it over to the users. In some cases, the setup guide will be used by System Administrators, for example, when setting up network, complex solutions or other detailed installations, while in other cases, it will be the end user who sets up the product, for example, setting up a Microsoft Office type application, a video player, Wifi connection, or an MP3 player.

What’s included in a Setup Guide?

The following is generally included in a Setup Guide: About the product, Key Benefits, System Requirements, Installing, Starting Up, Activating, Uninstalling, Backing Up, Registering and Frequently Asked Questions.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Solution Overview
1.2 Installation Types
1.3 System Requirements
1.4 Contents Of The Download Setup Packages
1.5 Contents Of The Installation CD
1.6 Before You Install From a CD
1.7 Before You Install From a Downloaded Set
1.8 Updating an Existing Installation

2 Single-User Installation
2.1 Installation Requirements
2.2 Starting The Installation
2.3 Setup Procedure
2.4 Verifying The Installation
2.5 Starting The [System]
2.6 Uninstalling The [System]

3 Multi-User and Network Installation
3.1 Server Installation
3.2 Workstation Installation

4 Modifying an Existing Installation
4.1 Modify
4.2 Repair
4.3 Remove

5 Registering the Software

6 FAQs

7 Appendix A: Acronyms, Abbreviations & Definitions

8 Appendix B: Related Documentation

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