You can use a Security Plan Document to describe the system’s security requirements, controls, and roles / responsibilities of authorized individuals.

Security Plan Purpose :

  • Review security controls when system modifications are made.
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities related to systems configurations.
  • Implement uniforms security controls across systems and databases.
  • Identify penalties for different levels of security breaches.

Table of Contents

1 System Identification
1.1 System Name
1.2 System Category
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Responsible Organization
1.5 Information Contacts
1.6 Assignment of Security Responsibility
1.7 Authorizing Official
1.8 System Description
1.9 System Environment
1.10 System Interconnection/Information Sharing
1.11 Applicable Laws or Regulations
1.12 Information Sensitivity and Criticality Assessment
1.13 Threats
2 Management Controls
2.1 Risk Assessment and Management
2.2 Review of Security Controls
2.3 Rules of Behavior
2.4 Planning for Security in the Life Cycle
2.5 Authorization to Process
3 Operational Controls
3.1 Personnel Security
3.1.1 Sensitivity Level
3.1.2 Required Background Screenings
3.1.3 Restriction of User Access
3.1.4 Process for User Accounts
3.1.5 Separation of Duties
3.1.6 User Accountability
3.1.7 Termination Procedures
3.2 Physical and Environmental Protection
3.3 Production Input/Output Controls
3.4 Contingency Planning
3.5 Hardware and Software Maintenance Controls
3.6 Data Integrity/Validation Controls
3.7 Documentation
3.8 Security Awareness and Training
3.9 Incident Response Capability
4 Technical Controls
4.1 Identification and Authentication
4.1.1 Password Policy
4.1.2 Account Lockout Policy
4.1.3 Kerberos Policy
4.2 Logical Access Controls
4.3 Public Access Controls
4.4 Audit Trails
4.4.1 Audit Policy
4.5 Ongoing Security Management
5 Appendix A
5.1 Glossary of Terms

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